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Thursday, October 18, 2012

His Problem Student

One of the countless blessings...

          It’s been a short work week. I have tomorrow off and I am so very glad. Ten minutes before the last bell today, one of my ‘problem’ students decided it was time to do his thing: the classroom was too quiet, so he started to whistle a few bars. He stopped right away, but when I released the class to put up their work, I called him to my desk. He ignored me. I repeated the request and he shuffled and bribed, “Man, it’s time to go, I don’t got t’ time!” To which I responded, “Then go to the office. You still have time for that. And I hope you enjoy your in-school suspension!” He was half way out the door when he received his next inspiration which was to mock me just outside the door, just as the bell was ringing.  
          I made time to go to the office for a discipline referral before heading home to take my sick kitty to the vet. Wesley hasn’t been himself for a few days. Turns out his temp was 105, apparently the result of a very bad, delayed reaction to the vaccinations he received almost two weeks ago.
He and I are both feeling better now, although I’m grateful to God that I have a three-day weekend, courtesy of an optional (they must be kidding!) state teachers’ conference.  His recovery can be credited to cortisone and re-hydration; mine to a renewed realization.   
          I have always had a heart for believing the best of people. It took me years to realize that the reason I received so much abuse was because of this belief. That doesn’t make me a fool. It makes me a person of love. It also makes me vulnerable. These little enemy ambushes are designed to trip me and strip me of my focus on my goal for myself and for my students. I am not ignorant of his devices. Still, I am human, and I rely on God’s strength.
         God is not only my Father and provider, He is also my defender. And when someone proves by his or her actions their intent to harm, He will avenge, defend and protect me. He will reveal His plan to me and He will not be mocked. That student is not my problem student any longer. That student and a few others like him are God’s problem now.
          Though I was angry, I did nothing wrong, and still, I regret even wasting the time on anger. But that is why we need this relationship with God. As I read in my precious quiet time with God this morning, “To accept grace is to admit failure, a step we are hesitant to take. We opt to impress God with how good we are rather than confessing how great He is” (Max Lucado). Thank the Lord, He’s not impressed, and I am humbly stepping aside. I am desperately in need His grace!
          It has been a productive week in the progress of bringing the music and the word of Cafeteria Covenant to the ears of the hearer. I should not be surprised at the little foxes sent to spoil the vine. Livingwell Seed Co has more than 1200 followers on Twitter since its first tweet one week ago tomorrow. Rock of Ages Lullaby will be sent around the world by radio again this Christmas with two upcoming promotions. There are countless other little blessings that came my way, but I once heard Joyce Meyer say that sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is go to sleep… Yes. Amen.

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