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Friday, June 22, 2012

Costly Mistakes

Costly Mistakes -

We've all made them. It may be forgetting to make a payment, or a deposit, or as was the case for me on my recent trip to the nation’s capital, not reading the signs quite carefully enough. But, standing in the lovely sunlit garden outside the Smithsonian Castle, I was so deeply aware of the peace that passes understanding, it didn't seem to matter that my car was missing. God wasn't.

The civil authorities were really quite civil, too. The security guard encouraged me not to lose my joy, and the parking authorities politely informed me that my car had simply been "relocated" to another street within walking distance. It was, however, decorated with a couple of tickets, which will cost me $200.

Frankly, there are lots of things costing $200 that I don't think I can afford. Still, I didn't once think about what a miserable failure I was for not being smart enough to figure out that the reason there was no fee for parking between 4 and 6:30 pm was because there was NO Parking allowed in that area during that time. I just valued the blessed, peaceful presence more. Losing that would have been the costly mistake. Besides, God is my provider.