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Monday, December 5, 2011

Spreading the Joy

It's December 5 and I've done all my Christmas shopping. That's pretty unusual. The cards are also ready and waiting to be written and sent. Again, unusual. There are songs filling my heart, new ones, about miracles and Christmas. One song I wrote and sang is being played around the world this Christmas. More than unusual, extraordinary. Today may be the unusual day when all the songs on my new album, well SEASONED, come back from mastering and ship right off for duplication. This morning, I awoke to find that 20 people had "liked" my facebook music ministry page, Livingwell Seed Co. That's a 33% increase overnight! Now maybe some of those people have come from hearing Rock of Ages Lullaby on the radio somewhere in the country or the world, but it's an unusually extraordinary increase. But I have a dozen new people following this little blog, too!

This year, I've bumped into an extraordinary bunch of people 'outside the walls'. They're just out there doing what we all should do: helping one another. But that, too can be pretty unusual. They're bloggers, and my unusual friend, the Miki of Miki's Hope thought I might like to join them in the blessing of giving... in the miracle of people helping people. And, I'm happy to participate in their unusual blogging and giving away...
(Read more about it at:

Lots of people need help this year. Why not get together with someone else and go out and do whatever you can. If everyone does a little something for someone, God will be unusually pleased!

Have a blessed week!

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