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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Finally -

The website for Livingwell Seed Co. is done! It was wonderfully easy thanks to a company I found on a friend's Facebook post recently. It really only took a day to do it and then a few hours here and there to tweak it and make all the connections.

Yet, I know it was wonderfully easy only because it was due season in the timing of God.

So many things happening in my life right now are the harvest of what was sown in a heart of faith. They were little seeds, with little hope for survival apart from the watering of thanks and believing in the covenant promises of God. Sounds easy. It's not. But there comes a time when you realize that no matter what it takes, God has entrusted you with some things that won't get done unless you do them. That's just how He is.

That said, He's also really big on us hearing His voice and doing what He tells us to do. That requires trust. Something I'll be talking more about soon.

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